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Become a Community Connector

When we volunteer we see real changes as a result of our efforts. We witness the effects that our efforts have on others in our community and we know that we are helping others by generously giving our time and resources.

Most of us want to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We do not volunteer because it benefits us. We volunteer because it makes a difference.

Getting involved with what is happening locally can really help others and can help you. Help people to feel connected again. Banish isolation, loneliness and feelings of not fitting in.


Telephone Connectors 

It’s amazing what a difference talking to someone on the phone can do.  Explaining how you are feeling to someone can really help.

VASL is training volunteers to become skilled at being able to listen to people that have a variety of pressures in their lives and able to offer either recommended pathways or giving the assurance that you are being listened to.

Peer/Group Connectors

No-one knows what it is like to experience mental health challenges more than someone that has experienced it themselves. We are developing a network of peer mentors who have been in the same boat or understand what you are going through, so they can talk to you from a place of knowledge.  You don’t have to have had a mental health condition yourself. You could have supported someone with a mental health condition and understand the pressures behind it. We need people like you to join our workshops and advice sessions to support those who need extra support.

If you are interested in volunteering to become a Telephone or Peer/Group Connectors then do get in touch with us.  You will receive full training in listening techniques and other topics and will join our VASL volunteering family.

Ring us on 01858 411 383



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