25 years for Maureen O’Malley

In ‘94 our Maureen thought “I need a little job.

I’ll go down to the Settling Rooms, it won’t be such a slog.”

The Volunteer Bureau snapped her up, she started answering phones

And she liked the general public, with their questions and their moans.

So she stayed. And stayed. In 2012, she got the Big Boss job.

An office – tick! A pay rise – tick! And managing The Mob!

Big smile, bright hair, red lipstick. That’s Maureen to a tee.

She likes a choir, her garden, and a guinea pig or three.

She’s jammed right in the middle of the trustees and the staff,

We doubt she knows some days if she should cry or she should laugh!

Her kids have grown, the nest is flown, and Trevor’s now retired

It’s a miracle her passion for the VASL’s not expired.

Had Maureen known, in ‘94, she’d still be here today

Would she have told the panel where they could stick their pay?

We hope not ‘cause we love her and we think she’s really ace. ?

The heart and soul of VASL and its friendly public face.

So cheers, Maureen O’Malley, and thanks for all you’ve done.

And our very warmest wishes for many years to come.

By Hannah Currington

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