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Volunteers Week Posted on Thursday, 1 June 2023

This is the beginning of Volunteers Week and we were delighted to hear this morning that our Investor’s in Volunteers Award has been renewed. It is great start to the week when we really want to celebrate our existing volunteers and encourage others to join us.
These are some of the things our volunteers have said about us for #VolunteersWeek2023

What difference does volunteering make to you?

Volunteering allows me to connect with my community. The people in our area have given me great opportunities to become the best version of myself, and volunteering allows me to pass that same kindness on to someone else!

Lauren – Young Carers Driver

Volunteering is the best thing I have done, talking to different people with different problems, giving them a safe place to talk to an unbiased person.

Sam – Wellbeing Befriending Volunteer

“It makes me happy to feel that I’m being helpful to others who are less able and that I’m giving something back to the community I live in.”

“Apart from helping to fill my time in retirement, I get to meet and chat with some genuinely interesting people and I take great pleasure in seeing how much the service is appreciated by all our clients.”
Evan – Volunteer Driver

“Volunteering makes me feel useful – and grateful that I’m still able to help others. It is a great way to make contact with the community and I really enjoy the conversations I have with the people I befriend”.

Sylvia – Community Champions

If you would like to volunteer with us, there is information on this page about the opportunities, ring 01858 433 232 or email admin@vasl.org.uk