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Volunteers to reduce loneliness Posted on Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Our Community Champions project recruits volunteers, who contact a lonely older person each week, either by phone, in person or by letter.
We have some clients waiting for a match, would you be able to give your time?

A gentleman in Market Harborough is interested in Trad Jazz, would love to have a volunteer with a shared interest, particularly if they bring some music to listen to together.
We have two gentlemen with keen interest in motor racing, one in the Broughton Astley area and the other in a village in the south of the district. If motor racing is your passion, you will enjoy the conversation as much as they will.
One of the men has been a keen bird spotter, although he can no longer go out, he would love to share his stories and listen to your experiences.

The conversation will probably grow, but these subjects are the starting point. Community Champions offers training, and support for your calls, and there are opportunities to get to know other volunteers in the project.

Please ring 01858 439262 or email for more information.

VASL has other volunteering opportunities, you can find the details here