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Sarah from our My Mind Matters project arrived bright and early Saturday morning and stood in the pouring rain handing out soggy flyers to people in the park that were taking part in a fun run. All in aid of publicising Mental Health Awareness Week.

” I wasn’t expecting there to be over 370 people that ran but we got to speak to a good few of them. There was lots of interest and people agreeing that mental health is such a huge issue that affects everyone in one way or another.

“There were people running with babies in pushchairs, very elderly, blind people with guides….everyone and anyone. it was very inspiring and I almost felt like I might actually do the run one of these days..almost! Might try the kids one on Sunday that’s only 2k. Running is GREAT for anxiety and I will try to support more people to get out there soon .” said Sarah.

Sarah and Nic, the Local Area Coordinator laughing in the rain but not running anywhere

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