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Befriending Week 2023 Posted on Wednesday, 1 November 2023

Three of our VASL projects are based around befriending and we value the volunteers who give their timeto make a difference in people’s lives.
Community Champions volunteers support lonely older people who live alone in Harborough District.
Support for Carers telephone befrienders make a regular phone call to people who care for members of their family and a pilot project involves some face to face support.
Wellbeing Befriending Service volunteers support people who want to improve their mental health, with regular calls and encouragement to make changes.

How we are marking the week
Jenny, from Community Champions, will be on the Harborough FM breakfast show with Yvonne one of our befriending volunteers to talk to Dave Irving on Wednesday 1st November around 9.30am.
Emma, Manager of Wellbeing Befriending Service is hosting an online quiz for VASL volunteers on Thursday 2nd November, please contact her if you are a volunteer (including drivers) and you would like to join in.
Community Champions will be celebrating Befriending Week at the Community Gathering on Wednesday 8th November.
We have quotations on our Facebook page through the week from people who talk about the benefits they have received from having a befriender.
Rohini, Sam & Jenny have contributed to a Befriending Networks video about the work of befrienders for their Facebook page.

If you would liked to be a befriender, or you feel that you would benefit from regular contact with one of our volunteers there are more details on our volunteering page, email or call 01858 433232.

Finally THANK YOU to all of our existing befrienders, the work you do is life changing.