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Carers Passport launched Posted on Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Kerry Turnbull Support for Carers Service Manager is very pleased to announce that a Carers Passport will be launched across Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland. “I would personally like to thank the team for all their hard work and dedication in getting this off the ground”. Thank you to all the carers that have had involvement with the carers passport, we would not of been able to do this without your vital input. Thank You.  

We know at Support for Carers the difficulty carers face on a day to day basis, especially through this pandemic. We were overwhelmed by calls from carers saying they had no proof to show who they were and could not access supermarkets at the vulnerable time slots in order to get their shopping for example. Carers were also worried about visiting their cared for to provide support. As soon as this was brought to our attention we instantly used our carers emergency card as a form of ID which worked well as a temporary measure at that time.

Carer’s Passport

We learned very quickly that our carers need a form of ID, to be recognised for the vital support they provide, to raise awareness of their caring role and get the help and advice needed A Carers Passport would enable carers to do just that, as you will see the carers passport has a key in the design, it’s key to unlocking the doors for carers so they can be recognised and get the advice and support they need.

For all of our carers that are registered with us at Support for Carers you will be receiving it shortly in the post. If you would prefer it to be emailed so you can download it on your phone lets us know by emailing the team at maureen@supportforcarers.org

Or alternatively If you would like to apply for a Carers Passport please give the team a call on 01858 468543

We look forward to hearing from you