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Human Library Posted on Tuesday, 1 August 2023

Human Library is a new initiative where we ask Community Champions volunteers and clients to talk to a group of students at Robert Smyth Academy about a life experience,  give a professional insight or share a  personal interest. Different groups of students have been offered the chance to participate in these talks which are hosted by Judith Coxon, Librarian at Robert Smyth Academy.

So far we have had the following talks, all have been fascinating and elicited lots of questions from students.

You can read more about each of these sessions by clicking on the title which links to the blog published in The Harborough Mail.

Dan Cleary, Principal at Robert Smyth Academy has written to each individual speaker to thank them for sharing their experiences:

He wrote to Wendy “Thank you for taking the time to speak to our sixth form students – our business students were intrigued when you passed around a Kit Kat and fruit pastilles as a link to employee welfare. Your advice to have integrity, humility and the courage to challenge will stand them in good stead…..Mr Sullivan – the teacher – commented on your inspiring and brilliant talk”

He also praised Rohini “I would like to personally thank-you for the extraordinary visionary thinking, planning and organising so many cross-generational. Human Library has proved to be an exciting and memorable experience for our students. Staff have also reflected how the talks are stimulating our students’ enquiring minds. Thank you also for writing about  all the sessions”

Community Champions is delighted to work in partnership with Robert Smyth in promoting inter-generational dialogue – there have been some interesting outcomes;

  • A student Eva who heard Sylvia speak applied to go an international scout camp and, in her interview, explained how she was inspired by Sylvia. Eva was offered a place to go to Norway and wrote to thank Sylvia.
  • Ken and Judith have become friends through the project and went for tea at Ivy Joys, and Ken participated in an Eco debate Judith had organised to mark Green Week.
  • Anthony bumped into a student at a restaurant who said “Your talk was fascinating”