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New Year, New Opportunities Posted on Monday, 2 January 2023

Would you like to make a difference in this new year?
VASL volunteers tell us that they feel valued and that their contribution is important.
We are looking for volunteer drivers during the day and drivers and escorts to take young people to a weeknight group.
We need befrienders who will ring people who care for someone in the family or people who want to make changes to improve their wellbeing.
We also want people to visit lonely older people in their own homes.
Full details of our volunteering opportunities are here, you can complete a registration form or email admin@vasl.org.uk if you want to know more. The offices are open from Wednesday 4th January if you want to chat over the phone 01858 433232.

We have just had our Volunteer’s Christmas Lunch and this is some of the feedback, which shows how much people feel that they belong to a community.

Thank you all very much for the delicious lunch you treated us to on Wednesday. We were well and truly spoilt and it was so lovely to get together with other volunteers and chat about our experiences. You certainly know how to look after us.

Thank you so much for a lovely lunch, so nice to see you and meet other volunteers 

Thanks all for a really lovely party last Wednesday.  It was great to meet so many people.

Thank you for being such good hosts today and it was lovely meeting other volunteers. Thank you for all your hard work