We suppport people who are over 60 and live alone in Harborough District, without a diagnosis of dementia or serious mental health issues

Our volunteers provide social company in different ways, we can arrange:

  • for someone to visit you at home each week
  • to take you out to groups
  • to help you get online
  • to write to you by email or by letter
  • to phone you


“The house is dead but when my volunteer comes, it comes alive again.”

We accept referrals from GPs, Adult Social Care, Care Agencies, family members or you could get in touch with us yourself.

We interview all of our volunteers and take up references for them, we will talk to you and find out the things that you are interested in and then try to match you with someone with similar interests.

There is no charge for the service, the volunteers are paid travel expenses but give their time.

The referral form is here, or you could ring us on 01858 439262 or email us.

One of the most popular things we do is to meet up once a month for a coffee, often people come with their volunteer the first time, but then they find other people to talk to.  You can find out more about gatherings here.


“I feel as if I have been born again – I have plenty of time on my own to read and walk into town and the park but I get a lovely befriender visiting me and taking me out. We also go to Community Gatherings so I get to meet other people so its fantastic. I just want to say how much I appreciate what you do”




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