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Technology enables us all to connect with people around the world 24/7, access information, join groups, download music and tv programmes Community Champions give older people the same opportunities to enjoy the benefits of digital inclusion.

Last week I helped him contact his daughter in Australia by Skype.  I met her when she was over at Xmas.  She rang when I was visiting.  He mentioned that I was there so she asked if I could help him Skype her.  I did and left them both chatting away on the Skype video link.  This week when I visited, he told me he has now skyped his son in New Zealand.

This is Maureen, one of our Digital volunteers.

Sometimes the volunteers visit a couple of times to refresh the clients memory or to show them a new programme, other times they begin with how to switch on the machine and it may take a number of weeks to cover the basics.  Every client is different and works at their own pace.

Digital Volunteers have additional training, looking at the way that people learn, how to stay safe online, the popular programmes and applications people will use, and boundaries.  The photo shows the volunteers completing a city and guilds qualification, time spent with clients is a lot less formal!

 “The Digital Volunteer is a very patient lady and has a nice way of teaching. She really understands my medical needs. I am not a bit afraid of the computer now. ”

You can watch Tom’s video about his experience as a digital client below


The digital volunteers meet regularly to share their experience and to learn from each other.  We recently had a session about using facebook, as some of the volunteers don’t use it themselves but want to be able to help other people who request it.  We all felt more comfortable knowing how to control who can see posts and how to use facebook to find out what is happening locally.

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