Community Recovery Support

Our Community Recovery Support Service (CRSS) is for people who have a mental health condition diagnosed by a medical professional and feel they are ready to make independent changes to reintegrate into the community and make changes in their lives.

We offer this support either from our office or out and about in a Harborough venue convenient to yourself. We can also offer the CRSS over the telephone. We are not able to offer home visits as we want to promote getting out and about in the community.

The CRSS is for an individual to identify ONE goal or obstacle which we work together to achieve or overcome. The CRSSs would involve creating a support plan with a clear and achievable goal and outcome. This service is offered for a maximum of 12 consecutive weeks. We are not able to offer long term one to one support or a checking in facility.

We talk through the changes and developments you would like to make and why. We discuss how these will inform your life and how they will positively impact on your future and your wellbeing.

We will walk through the steps needed to achieve this change and the possible outcomes and together we will create a support plan to outline it all.

Liaising with local and national groups and organisations we will ensure you get the best advice and support available to take the steps you need make the changes you need.

This service is aimed towards supporting people to help themselves and develop personal resilience, promote mental wellbeing and self-confidence.

People can refer themselves to the service by completing a referral form or by asking their GP or other health or social care professional to refer them. This service is free.



Call us on 01858 411 383




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