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The Leicestershire Carers’ Choirs project started in April 2014 , open to male and female unpaid carers over the age of 18 and now meet every fortnight in Lutterworth.  They celebrated their 3rd birthday in April 2017.

We are looking for funding to keep our choir going.  We were fortunate  in being awarded The Leicestershire County Council Your Shire Community Grant For Carers in 2016, a donation of £2000 and  in 2018 we are still looking for significant funding.

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The choir improves socialisation, health and confidence of carers and boosts self-esteem, wellbeing and fun

If you are an unpaid carer in Leicestershire and would like to join the choir which meets in Lutterworth, call Support for Carers on 01858 468543 or email 

The choirs provide members with the chance to meet other carers whilst learning popular, contemporary, uplifting songs in harmony. The choir is   also given tuition on vocal warm-ups, singing and breathing techniques and previous experience of singing or being able to read music isn’t even  necessary. Meeting in Lutterworth Youth Academy every two weeks from 12:30pm—3:00pm.

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Why not come along and join them?


Did you know..?

Two thirds of carers have had to give up taking regular holidays

23% of carers have not had the chance to socialise with friends/family at home for  over a year

75% of carers who are looking for a romantic relationship haven’t had the chance to meet someone for more than a year

1 in 10 carers say that they have been unable to have children because of their caring role.

1 in 10 carers haven’t been able to watch a film on TV for over a year

Benefits of singing in our choir from feedback received

100% have found the music accessible for beginners even if it was initially challenging

89% of choir members have noticed emotional benefits from attending the choir and their confidence in singing has improved

37% of choir members reported positive physical benefits (eg. improved breathing)

Social benefits of belonging to a carers’ choir

37% of carers’ choir members do not normally have time to pursue a hobby/interest

47% do not belong to any other clubs/societies/groups

100% report they have found it beneficial to meet with other carers

95% report that they have formed friendships within the choir

68% report that they have met with/spoken to other choir members outside the choir


“I care for my husband who was devastatingly injured in a car accident 20 years ago.  I also care for my 20 year old son who has Asperger’s and my 13 year old daughter who has type one Diabetes. I also have a 16 year old daughter.

“I rarely do anything just for me.  It is a great leveller and I never feel judged.  I can be chatty if I want to and if I don’t feel like being very sociable that’s ok, too. The group and support staffs are always kind and welcoming.

As we are on benefits I would really struggle to pay to join a choir and the nature of a carers choir means I can dip in and out as it suits my needs and I am not under pressure to do something I don’t want to.  I’ve met new friends and caring can be so isolating – having the choir is vital to my mental well being.”

Other Carers choirs experience the same.  “Carers come in feeling exhausted, isolated and down in the dumps.  When they start to sing it is like a bolt of lightening and a complete change of mood. I have worked in carers services for 12 years and this is the most amazing and rewarding thing  I have done”  Sarah Drage, Northamptonshire Carers Choir Coordinator.


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