Milestone for Sandy!

Today marks the most incredible anniversary at VASL.

Our amazing Sandy has been driving the car scheme at VASL for an incredible 25 years. Sandy first started with us just doing a few hours a week and has grown the Car Scheme over all these years to become one of our flagship projects.

How did she find the time? In 1994 when Sandy joined us it was the year that Amazon and Yahoo started, ER and Friends debuted that year and “The Lion King” film opened.

We aren’t entirely sure that she bought the Wet Wet Wet track ‘Love Is All Around’ which topped the UK singles chart for a whopping 15 weeks, after it was featured in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

What we are sure about is that Sandy is the glue that holds us together. She has a fantastic relationship with the drivers and clients and goes above and beyond to create a scheme that is indispensable to many, many people.

We’d like to thank Sandy for being Sandy, for working so hard, improving people’s lives and never being in a bad mood. Also her lemon cake is pretty damm good…

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