Young Carers’ Project

Young Carers’ Project

A Young Carer is a child or young person under the age of 18 who is helping to care for someone at home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a parent – some Young Carers find themselves caring for a sibling, grandparent or other family member.

There are many reasons you may become a Young Carer, including supporting someone with long-term illness, mental health difficulties, substance misuse, sensory issues or a physical disability. Young Carers are hugely under-reported in the UK, with many not realising they’re doing anything out of the ordinary.

VASL supports Young Carers through our established Project which has fortnightly evening sessions in Market Harborough, and we try to do about six special events a year.

We offer Young Carers regular respite from their caring responsibilities; the chance to just be themselves for an evening; and the opportunity to try new things and meet new people. We deliver the group in partnership with Leicestershire Children Family Wellbeing Service.

To get more of an idea what our Young Carers Project gets up to, see our video that was funded by Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation Women in Philanthropy.

The group is open to Young Carers living anywhere in Harborough district. We can take you from age 11, as long as you’re in Year 7, up until your 18th birthday. We can sometimes help with transport if you live a long way away from Market Harborough.

If you would like to get involved, see our volunteering opportunities or refer yourself or someone else to the service.

Contact Young Carers’ Project

Available across Harborough District
Telephone 01858 439 268
Address: Young Carers Project, VASL, Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, LE16 9HL