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During this time we understand it can be extremely worrying and the team at VASL – My Mind Matters, are focused on continuing the support for our clients and community, whilst adhering to the Government guidelines.
The service and support is currently been offered via the telephone and online platforms. We are still accepting new referrals, however the support service will be via phone only.
MY MIND MATTERS 01858 411383

Email: or contact us here

It is important that we all follow the Government guidelines to enable us to keep safe, however we understand that the measures that are needed to be put in place can make us feel more isolated and anxious. We are here to help and support where we can, our phone lines are still open and we can be contacted via email too.

We have listed some self care tips below to help and links to Apps to download. It is important, that although we are to social distance, we can still be connected and in contact with others.

Plan your day…

It is good for our mental health to keep up our regular routines so as tempting as it can be to stay in our Pyjamas all day, make sure you get up wash and dressed – it helps to kick start our self esteem for the day!!

To plan the day we should try and include the following….even if we are having  to self-isolate it is important to feel connected.

Keep moving…..

There are many ways to keep moving at home and access to free online exercise


It is a time where we need to stay connected with others, there are so many platforms we can do this, on the phone, facetime, skype etc. Keep in contact with your friends and family during this time via the phone.

We are here to talk to should you need.


Making sure we can keep focused, relaxed and grounded can help reduced our anxiety levels, negative thoughts and feelings.

Try breathing techniques, relaxation and guided mediations. There are many free techniques on You tube.

A range of relaxation techniques, including progressive muscle relaxation are available from the NHS

Refection and selfcare…

At this difficult time, it is important we continue to look after ourselves and reflect…

Watch your favourite movie, practice mindfulness to help connect to the present time, ground and keep in a positive mindset.

Apps to Download / websites



Every Mind Matters  –

For full guidance on coronavirus symptoms and self-isolation:

NHS guidance –

Bringing people together to talk about mental health and help find ways of coping and thriving in life.

My Mind Matters is a Harborough based project set up to help you to take control of your life whilst living with a mental health diagnosis. It’s also a great way to get information and advice if you are concerned about your own or a loved one’s mental health, or if you want to connect with people in your local area who understand what you are experiencing.

Community Recover SupportWe are here to help empower you to take control, make decisions and ultimately be the driving force in your steps to better mental health and re-engaging with the community.

We want to support you to make decisions that will help you to achieve your chosen outcomes, make your independence sustainable and assist you in developing your own support networks and social circles. The help we offer focuses on your strengths, needs, skills and future aspirations.

The project is not a crisis service and it would be unfair to you if we tried to help at a level where you could feel overwhelmed and pressured to make change before you are ready for it. However, we can still offer you advice, information and support to move forward.

Unlike other services we support people who need guidance, information and assistance when they are at the point of feeling able to cope with reintegrating themselves into the community. We focus on the ‘health’ in mental health.

My Mind Matters Video:

10 Tips to Feel Good:

Where to go for Help:

There are 4 ways of getting help and support – please click on the links;

Accessing the Service

The service is free for people over the age of 18 years and who live in the Harborough District. Anyone can contact us for advice and information about mental health either via our telephone service, email or our advice sessions, further details below.

To register yourself or someone else for this service, please fill out our registration form here:

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Contact My Mind Matters

Telephone 01858 411 383
Address: My Mind Matters, VASL, Torch House, Torch Way, Market Harborough, LE16 9HL

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