Meet the Volunteers

Meet the Volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of VASL; they are the driving force behind the services that we deliver. All our services have volunteering roles and these vary from having a chat to someone over the age of 60, to driving someone from a to b, to making a phone call, or taking photos for our website. All our opportunities are listed on volunteer for us (link – 31).

To get an idea of what it’s like to volunteer at VASL we made a series of videos in 2018 interviewing some of the volunteers from three of our services. Have a listen to what they have to say:

VASL car scheme:

Dorothy decided she didn’t want to sit inside staring at four walls, but got out there and did something to help others, so she became a volunteer driver for the VASL Car Scheme.

Watch Dorothy’s video here

David has been one of VASL’s Car Scheme volunteer drivers for a couple of years.

Watch David’s video here

Community champions:

Alan is one of VASL’s Community Champions volunteers and visits isolated people.

Watch Alan’s video here

Christine has been volunteering for us, visiting isolated people, and has found it a bit of an eye opener!

Support for Carers Leicestershire:

Anthony donates a couple of hours a week to talk over the phone to people who are finding it emotionally difficult to cope with their caring responsibilities. A regular chat from someone independent gives them the freedom to talk about anything and everything from the mixture of feelings they have, to what’s going on in the local news.

Some of the quotes we have received from volunteers:-

Chris, a volunteer driver for the Young Carers Project:

“It’s something I can do for my local community that isn’t too time consuming and can be balanced with a busy working life.”

Bob, a volunteer for the VASL Car Scheme:

“Having now supported VASL for almost 3 years I find it to be a most rewarding activity as the people that you take to their various appointments are an absolute joy to meet, with such different backgrounds and life stories that they share with you on the brief journeys we take together.

Dot, a volunteer for the VASL Car Scheme:

“I am a voluntary driver because when I retired I wanted something to do, a friend was doing it at the time  and I thought it was a good idea.  I am glad that I am still driving for them because I like meeting different people and giving something back to the community also you do any day that you like.  We have a lovely group of drivers and we have social events as well.

Deborah, a Community Champions volunteer:

“I volunteer with VASL because I want to make a difference to the life of an elderly person by offering a listening ear, some conversation, along with a bit of humour and also lifts to important appointments.

Julie, a Community Champions volunteer:

“I feel I now have the time to give something back to the community and that is fulfilling in itself. The community is people, and sadly, there are many people who are isolated who do not feel part of any community. If I can make a small difference to just one person, I’m doing my bit for my community. I enjoy doing my bit and my clients teach me something every time I visit.