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From time to time VASL features in various publications and on local radio and or tv programmes. Please take a look below for a few of these such items:-

In November 2020 Roger one of our Community Champions volunteers was interviewed by BBC East Midlands about the impact of our project on loneliness. We are grateful to the BBC East Midlands for permission to share this interview.

In September 2020 Rohini was on BBC Radio Leicester talking about the Lottery Activity Bags – please click on the soundbite below to hear more.

BBC Radio Leicester interview with Client and Volunteer following 5 year funding award – please click on the soundbite below to hear more.

The Community Champions project has produced a project calendar for 2019, 2020 and 2021

These calendars tell the story of our project progress in the previous year. For each month there is a photo from a project event, a quote from a client, volunteer or partner and explanatory statement.

We distribute these to our project community (clients, volunteers  and community partner organisations) as a useful tool , but also as a memory of the journey we have been on, and the fun and learning we have had on the way.

The calendar is a visual celebration of our growing community.

It’s amazing where these calendars end up – we know one is hung at the Befriending Networks office in Edingburgh , another is at the National Lottery Community Fund office in Birmingham and one of our MPs takes one to London.

We have just completed our 2021 calendar. It is interesting to see  how the project has evolved as a result of the pandemic.

Harborough Mail 05.11.2020

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Harborough News - VASL Community Impact

Harborough News – Impact on a Community 2020

VASL - Harborough News Cutting - July 2020, Generation Skills

Harborough News – Skills Training, July 2020

VASL Digital Communications News Article - Harborough Mail 19.07.20

Harborough News – Digital Connections, 2020

Community Champions Impact Report

VASL Community Champions Impact Report

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